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“All over the World is a Teater”project





For example, when Koichi’sTeacher Akiko Motofuji was in World War II, while the incendiary fell, the place to escape was under the bridge. When
she looked at the river thinking that she was saved,
she saw A dead body is flowing in the river. The teacher said, “The river is the place where life meets death.”

She said that I wanted to dance under the bridge around the world.
She said “All over the World is a Teater”

Then I got to Butoh at the former site of battle.

2004年2月21,22日に飯田晃一は原爆ドームに一番近い橋の下で踊りました。 On February 21 and 22, 2004, Koichi Iida performed Butoh under the bridge closest to the Atomic Bomb Dome.

Butoh/舞踏_飯田晃一/Koichi Iida_原爆ドームVol.1/the Atomic-Bomb Memorial Dome
Butoh/舞踏_飯田晃一/Koichi Iida_原爆ドームVol.2/the Atomic-Bomb Memorial Dome

Koichi Iida went to Saipan island on February 4-8, 2006, and performed Butoh in front of the tank at the former site of battle.
2006年2月4から8日に飯田晃一はサイパン島に行き、former site of battleにある戦車の前で踊りました。

Butoh/舞踏_飯田晃一/Koichi Iida_サイパン島Vol.1/the Saipan island
Butoh/舞踏_飯田晃一/Koichi Iida_サイパン島Vol.2/the Saipan island
Butoh/舞踏_飯田晃一/Koichi Iida_サイパン島Vol.3/the Saipan island
Butoh/舞踏_飯田晃一/Koichi Iida_in Saipan island Vol.4/Bomb Storage Magazine

On October 11, 2005, Koichi Iida performed Butoh at the World Trade Center in New York, USA. 2005年10月11日、飯田晃一はアメリカ合衆国のニューヨークのワールドトレードセンターで踊りました。

Butoh/舞踏_飯田晃一/Koichi Iida_in New York, USA Vol.1/at the World Trade Center