SUIJINSHA, Inc. was established as a base for sending out our—Dohriki and Tomoko Iida’s —creative activities to the world. Dohriki mainly performs Butoh (Japanese dance theatre), dances at old battle sites for the “All over the world is a theater” project, and creates films.
Tomoko Iida mainly holds private exhibitions of Nihonga (Japanese paintings) and exhibitions of original paintings of picture books. We, Dohriki and Tomoko Iida, are planning to spread our artworks beyond the walls of Japan to the world through the base that we call “SUIJINSHA, Inc.”. We hope that we can count on your warm support.



Butoh dancer, director of the Art & Body Laboratory, and a picture book author.

芸術にも上記の三つが大切だと思うのです。生活に溶け込み,祓い清めること。暗黒の空に思いかけずに飛来し,願い事を託すように作ること。最後に,畏怖の念を感じる力が宿っていること。 このような意味で,彗人(ほうき人)として社会と関わっていけるようにという願いから,彗人社と名付けました。

I have been conducting performances and events as the director of the Art & Body Laboratory (established in 2004.) After meeting my wife and having children, I have written and published a picture book titled “I AM HERE” (2017) together with my wife. In the same year, In the same year, I started working as an artist belonging to SUIJINSHA, Inc. The character for SUI primarily means broom and has three meanings in total. The first is the piece of cleaning equipment mentioned above. The second is a comet. The third is equipment used in rituals to evoke holy spirits. I believe that these three meanings are important in art. Like a broom that sweeps through life purifying it. Like a wish on a comet unexpectedly flying through the pitch-black sky, creating. Lastly, like a piece of ritual equipment, having the power to strike one with awe. With these meanings in mind, the name SUIJINSHA, Inc. was conceived with the hope of being able to connect to the world as a SUI-JIN (broom-person.)


卒業後,舞台俳優,サイコドラマのインストラクターとして活動。インドの聖地リシュケシュで,舞踏に出会う。帰国後,アスベスト館で元藤燁子に師事し,舞踏を学ぶ。2004年,藝術身体研究所設立し,ワークショップと舞踏を開始。「ダンス白州2007(山形県・白州)」や「春川インターナショナルマイムフェスティバル(韓国・春川)」,舞踊作家協会の公演などのダンスフェスティバルに参加。イベントの演出としては,冒険舞踏音楽祭「アイに気づかない人体(神奈川・さざなみホール)」や「供犠的イベント(東京・三鷹天命反転住宅)」があり, 神社仏閣での演出・振付も手掛けた。またゼロ次元・加藤好弘の活動への参加や池田龍雄,首くくり栲象とのデュオ作品,音楽家・Numbとの作品やSRC(佐藤ペチカ,中川敬文)+飯村昭彦などコラボレーションも多数。
舞台の他,ライフワークとして戦跡で踊る「世界中が劇場であるプロジェクト」がある。これまで原爆ドーム,第五福竜丸,NYワールドトレードセンター,など世界各地で踊ってきた。これまでにSTUDIO VOICE,Tone,Corpusなど雑誌に活動が掲載され,原爆ドームでの舞踏は朝日新聞に取り上げられた。執筆活動として,TH Seriesへの寄稿,武田尋善とのヒッツキ画報発行。

Born in 1976, graduated Komazawa University in 2000 (Bachelor of psychology). A psychologist certified by the Japanese Psychological Association. After graduating university, he worked as a stage actor and as an instructor of psychodramas. He encountered Butoh at Rishikesh, a holy city in India. After returning to Japan, apprenticing oneself to Akiko Motofuji at studio Asbestos-kan he learned Butoh. In 2004, established the Art & Body Laboratory, and started to hold workshops and perform Butoh. Participated in “Dance Hakushu 2007 (Hakushu, Yamanashi- cture,)” “Chuncheon International Mime Festival Chuncheon, South Korea,” and Butoh dance festivals held by the Dance Writers Association. Directed events Adventure Butoh & Music Festival (Sazanami Hall, Kanagawa-prefecture) and “Sacrificial Performance Event” (Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA, Tokyo), and also directed and choreographed at shrines and temples. Also participated in Zero Dimension / Yoshihiro Kato and co-created with Tatsuo Ikeda and Takuzo Kubikukuri, collaborated with, for example, the musician Numb and with SRC (Pechika Sato and Takafumi Nakagawa) + Akihiko Iimura. Other than performing on the stage, as a life’s work, he dances at old battle sites for the “All over the world is a theater” project. He has danced at the Atomic Bomb Dome, Daigo Fukuryu-Maru Exhibition Hall, the New York World Trade Center, and other sites across the world. His activities have been published in magazines such as STUDIO VOICE, Tone, Corpus, and the Butoh performed at the Atomic Bomb Dome was picked up in the Asahi Shimbun (Asahi Newspaper.) As a writer, he has contributed his writings to the TH Series, and has published Hittsuki-Gaho, a free satirical zine together with Hiroyoshi Takeda. He and his wife created the picture book titled “I AM HERE.”



飯田知子(Tomoko Iida)


A painter of Nihonga (Japanese painting,) and a picture book author.

地平線がある (I feel the horizon)
体がある 心がある 手足がある (I feel my body, I feel my heart, I feel my hands and feet)
何にかが産み出される (Something will be born)
命あるものには (There is veneration)
恐ろしいものがある (in all living things)
生まれたての赤ん坊のような (Like a new born baby,)
あきらかで (bold,)
むきだしの命 (naked life)
それは無力でない (is not without its power)
世界を何かを根底から (I sense within life a hidden power to uproot)
くつがえすような力を秘めている (something fundamental in the world, with an)
稲妻のような激しさとを予感させる (intensity like a flash of lightening.)
何を産み出せるか分からない (I do not know what will be born)
そんなとこに作ることの面白さはある (Therein lies the pleasure of creation)

主な個展として, 個展『Colorful』ギャラリーナミキ(銀座),個展『地上の祭り』藤屋画廊(銀座)がある。また彼女は,在学中から舞踏を大竹宥熈,演劇をグアテマラ出身のAbel Solar,能を高林白牛口二に学んだ。身体表現の学びにより,舞踏家・芽衣桃子との二人展『ボディーコミュニケーションLOVE』山椿美術館(高円寺)を開催。 個展『缶詰と青龍』(ギャラリー新宿坐)ではアートパフォーマンスのフェスティバルとして絵画と身体の融合を結実した。

Born in 1981. Withdrew from the Department of Japanese Painting at Musashino Art University. Her main private exhibitions include “Colorful” at Gallery Namiki (Ginza,) and “Festival on Earth” (Ginza.) During her days in university, she learns Butoh from Yuki Otake, theatrical performance from Abel Solares from the Republic of Guatemala, and Noh from Koji Takabayashi. Applying her newfound knowledge of physical expression, she held a joint exhibition “Body Communication LOVE” with Momoko Mei at Yamatsubaki Museum (Koenji.) At the private exhibition “Canned food and Blue Dragon” (Gallery Shinjuku-za) she brought to life a fusion of paintings and body as part of a festival of art performances. She and her husband created the picture book “I AM HERE” together.



株式会社 彗人社 (SUIJINSHA,Inc.)
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(5-5-7, Higashi-tokorozawa, Tokorozawa-city, 359-0021, Saitama, Japan)
(Publishing and selling books, organizing and managing theatre performances, exhibitions, and making films)

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